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Drying Hammer Crusehr(PCG)

【Application fields】This machine is suitable for drying and thrashing of slurry and filter cake in the technological process of “Changing the Wet Treatment into Dry Treatment” in chemical plant and wet process cement plant and “wet grinding & dry ashing” of expanding cement production line, for filter cake of wet process cement plant and renovation project of decomposition dry method production. 【Suitable material】

Efficient drying crusher is one kind of environment protection & energy saving products newly researched and developed by our company in recent years. This equipment integrates drying and crushing. It is suitable for drying & crushing treatment on industrial residue containing high moisture and light materials. It creates advantage for comprehensively utilizing industrial residue. Such equipment is widely used for drying and crushing materials with high moisture such as acetylene sludge, desulfuration, dephosphorization ardealite, coal ash and sludge in river-way etc in chemical industry, electric power industry, Al-Mg industry, bio-industry and building materials industry etc. The highest moisture of the materials to be processed can reach 25-45%.

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Product advantage
    1、The main shaft adopts pulley drive method, saving energy and reducing power consumption.
    2、The rotor cooling (not the main shaft) adopts air & water cooling, which helps the rotor shaft to be fully cooled, ensuring long time using of bearing.
    3、Heat-resisting & wear-resistant material is used as liner inside the crushing chamber, ensuring the machine body to have excellent service life.
    4、Drying & crushing combining, speed up the drying;
    5、Air-locking valve feeding, reducing hot wind losing, and uniform feeding;
    6、Independent research and development of pre-crushing system to deal with higher moisture content material.
The working principle diagram

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